A community based initiative in Sri Lanka to keep our natural environment clean

Thalangama Wetland Watch

Thalangama Wetland Watch


Since our start in 2016, all our activities are to 100% self-financed by local community members, supplemented by occasional donations from lake visitors. In other words, we are not an externally funded project or an NGO activity, although we would welcome more sponsors, private or corporate, to make our financing more diverse and sustainable. Our current expenditures for labor (Mr Neil and Mr Ravi) are about LKR 60,000 (or more) per month, while we community members, if Sri Lankan or expatriate give our time, equipment, vehicles, and other inputs and efforts for free. We also do not sell the glass, metal or plastic we recover from the collected garbage, but give it for free to those who can recycle it.

This means that any donation will serve to 100% the lake without any overhead, deduction of indirect costs or bank fees. For our account number please see “How you could help”.

Our work is done with in-kind support by the local authorities, especially those in charge of waste collection, the irrigation department, farmer associations and the Central Environmental Authority (CEA). The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) which has its HQ in Colombo’s outskirts is providing scientific guidance on environmental protection and resource recovery from waste.