A community based initiative in Sri Lanka to keep our natural environment clean

Thalangama Wetland Watch

Wetland Watch


The International Water Management Institute published online this beautiful photo essay about our wetlands in and around Colombo which also mentions the Thalangama Wetland Watch

For Updates on the activities of the Thalangama Wetland Watch please see here.

Government officials in action

July, 2018

The search of a knife which was used in a severe crime on the bottom of the Thalangama lake attracted many curiosity seekers, watching divers and police in action.

New signboards were installed by the Irrigation Department, with information about the Thalangama tank and on correct behavior to maintain human and environmental health.

The spillover nearly disappeared under heavy rains in May 2018.

May, 2018

A lot of ‘bad parking’ (poor driving) in April and May 2018

World Bank published a brief.

April, 2018

URBAN WETLANDS MANAGEMENT IN COLOMBO: A new model for urban resilience

"In response to devastating floods, the government of Sri Lanka has prioritized urban wetlands management in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo as a key pillar of its climate and disaster resilience strategy."

More activities in the lake

March, 2018

Lake baptism on March, 25, 2018